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> On 07-Nov-2015 16:25, Jonathan M Davis via Digitalmars-d-announce wrote:
> > Phobos has been built in pieces for quite a while now
> > specifically because it requires too much memory to build it all at once
> > (std.algorithm alone requires a lot of memory thanks to all of the template
> > instantiations in its unit tests).
> >
> That's only true for unittests, it still builds the library in one go
> (in about 7 seconds for me) on windows.

Yes, but it's forced to do that with the unit test build, because it takes
too much memory to compile them. Other programs may have the same problem
(especially if they use templates and CTFE heavily).

But dmd just does not do well with memory consumption when it comes to
templates and CTFE, and it definitely will be a major improvement when we
can reduce how much memory compiling them requires.

- Jonathan M Davis

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