OT: Readers of this NG probably know me under the name "ponce", however over the year I was made aware that it's an english swear word so I'll post under my IRL name from now on.

I'm happy to release my first commercial software, it's a voice effect designed for singers, follows the VST 2.x format, and is made entirely with D (LDC 0.16.0 for OSX 64-bit, DMD 2.069.0 for the rest).


Using D has been an interesting ride, even for a long-time user, but it went better than expected.

I don't really have a point to prove, but I'm really tired with people arguing that a language with GC can't possibly do real-time. It's not like you are unallowed to optimize.

I've only ever worked in real-time systems. All of those, except for one with 32kB of RAM, could have afforded a GC. Actually very, very few development time was allocated to deal with the GC, if any.

If you want to make audio effects with D too, this one uses "dplug" which was announced already: https://github.com/p0nce/dplug

Thanks for reading.

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