On Thursday, 26 November 2015 at 17:14:34 UTC, Gary Willoughby wrote:
On Thursday, 26 November 2015 at 15:48:48 UTC, Guillaume Piolat wrote:
I'm happy to release my first commercial software, it's a voice effect designed for singers, follows the VST 2.x format, and is made entirely with D (LDC 0.16.0 for OSX 64-bit, DMD 2.069.0 for the rest).

Awesome. Please write a blog post detailing your experiences with D while writing this software and share on reddit. It would be good PR especially the comments about the GC.

Everybody like to think what they do is so real time sensitive they can't possibly afford a GC. Really, that is just self importance getting into the way of good judgement.

Yet, some can't afford a GC. But the set of people that can't afford a GC is significantly smaller than the set of people that think/say they can't afford a GC.

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