On Thursday, 31 December 2015 at 17:16:32 UTC, Ivan Kazmenko wrote:

The game flow is not obvious in multiple respects:
1. Shoot: why only six bullets?
2. Rebuild: huh, what's the plan?
3. If the base is not completely enclosed by walls after rebuild, the game ends, giving a ?!?!? impression. Took me a few attempts to guess the requirement to proceed.

1. I was hoping the animation of sending ammo from the bases to turrets would make it obvious that bases grant 6 ammo each. In Rampart, enclosing bases just let you place more turrets, and there was no concept of ammo, which is probably easier to understand.

2. Yeah, this is probably what needs the most explaining, because...

3. It's probably not obvious why you lose the first few times. I guess a 'you have no enclosed territory' message on the failure screen might help a lot.

I'll probably try to include some sort of quick tutorial. Thanks for the feedback!

Crashed it :) with S-S-J-J-J-Esc pressed at start (controls -> keyboard -> make an action with an unassigned key and press Esc).

Yup, that sure does crash it :)
Whenever you map a key that's already assigned, its supposed to jump to the previously assigned action so you can reassign it. Esc was actually mapped to 'menu' (opens the pause menu in-game), but I forgot to include that in the controls menu (so maybe it wasn't even obvious there _was_ a pause menu).


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