Nice game!

On Monday, 4 January 2016 at 02:34:37 UTC, rcorre wrote:
Right now even having a single tile enclosed counts -- which actually may be too lenient.

Not at all, sometimes it's the only way to win, it often depends on generosity of the embedded Tetris. 6 missiles is not that much, and if your tetris-fu is not enough to join an another base, you're pretty much screwed on the next round, unless you quickly enclose a small area during rebuild. Cursor speed is pretty low, so you can't react quickly and in the 3rd round your base always looks like Swiss cheese.

Also, it would be really nice to use Enter for confirmation and Escape for going back by default, since these are standard. I cannot reassign the "cancel" action, because app crashes if I press Escape.

Found some minor issues:
- On Windows, it shows a console window on launch. It may be useful for debugging, but since game doesn't output anything, it's useless and should be shown only in debug builds anyway - On the title screen, it says "v0.0 (alpha)", but I'm actually using v0.2
- A typo: Options -> Shake: "Taseteful"

Anyway, I played the game for an hour and enjoyed it. It needs some tuning and some kind of an introductory tutorial mode, but it's playable and fun. Also, kudos for composing music in LMMS :)

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