On Wednesday, 27 January 2016 at 19:15:02 UTC, Damian wrote:
Thank you, this is very much welcome!

Will we see some dub support integration for building? I find when using rust the cargo build support is excellent, I wish we had this for D in sublime :)

I actually didn't do this, I just complained on their issue tracker :)

I use dub with sublime currently by using sublime's custom build system. Just go to "Build System" under tools, click new build system, and add in the following

    "cmd": ["dmd", "-g", "-debug", "$file"],
    "file_regex": "^(.*?)\\(([0-9]+),?([0-9]+)?\\): (.*)",
    "selector": "source.d",
    "path": "/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin",

    "variants": [
            "name": "Run",
            "cmd": ["rdmd", "-g", "-debug", "$file"]
            "name": "unittest",
            "cmd": ["rdmd", "-g", "-debug", "-unittest", "$file"]
            "name": "dub",
            "working_dir": "$project_path",
            "cmd": ["dub"]

Now in your D project, select the build system you just created, click shift command B, choose dub, and then command B, and now your building with dub.

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