On Thursday, 28 January 2016 at 12:40:56 UTC, Ola Fosheim Grøstad wrote:
I think that Sonke received too much "negative motivation" for his contributions recently, if I had been in his shoes I'd probably found working on vibe.d more fun. IRRC Ruppe also have voiced that he want to work on libraries which he has more freedom with.

Yeah, I think getting in Phobos is a waste of time and likely a net negative on the library due to how much harder it is to change phobos vs changing your own file.

In my perfect world, quality third party apps - as determined just by usage stats or something - would be automatically downloadable and their documentation searchable as if it was standard.

When you do `import std.string;` you expect it to just work, and you find std.string's docs easily from dmd.

I'd love it if you could do `import thirdparty.independent;` and it magically works too - without even need for a configuration file or an install command. And the docs are right there and tutorials are written however the author feels like writing them.

Then the line between "standard library" and other library basically disappears.

While that isn't likely to happen, we could at least start promoting third party stuff more equally.

An frankly, as APIs have to be vetted on large applications in maintenance mode a lot of the effort put into arguing the design "perfect Phobos libraries" most likely will be in vain.

This is a reason why I tend to only write libs that I actually use myself - at least then I know every function has one happy user.

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