On 12/30/2015 08:32 PM, Adam D. Ruppe wrote:
It was rejected. Walter didn't see what the problem was and I was told
to just write $(LT)span$(GT)foo$(LT)/span$(GT). Seriously.


The idea (and working program) was rejected because the team felt a
post-processor was the wrong way to do it.

That's been quite possibly THE biggest thorn in my side discouraging me from contributions. I've seen, and personally run into, plenty of cases where a non-existent ideal implementation becomes the mortal enemy of progress that already exists. I could ramble off a whole list of cases.

It's sooo much easier to just do my own thing and "get it done" than waste effort on politics and playing the "is this worthwhile?" game with people who prefer wasting their time defending stagnation over stepping back and allowing others to just get problems fixed, even if not in an perfectly ideal way.

I'll take a temporarily imperfect solution over vaporware ideals any day.

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