Am 14.02.2016 um 13:01 schrieb Jacob Carlborg:
On 2016-02-13 14:11, Eugene Wissner wrote:

Indeed. I have a fresh organization where I maintain D code: I could move it there and add pszturmaj
to the organization.

I don't see anything with the things you don't like about vibe.d going
against vibe.d. It's just the default settings/choices that don't match
what you want/need.

"vibe.d is a framework to develop servers, network applications, it
isn't really something you would usually use to develop a simple webpage
or a blog or a forum."

There are some abstractions on top of vibe.d [1] [2].

The approach of the vibe.web package is also already very similar to that IndexController mentioned in the other post.

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