On Tuesday, 8 March 2016 at 00:23:55 UTC, Manu wrote:
I've tried out code-d, but it only seems to do anything useful with dub. None of my projects use dub. Every project I have combines C/C++/D,
and dub is an insufficient build system.
I can configure vscode projects to invoke my builds, but code-d
doesn't have any project metadata to work with in that context.
Can you work code-d to get its necessary working state from explicit
variables in the vscode project file?

If you use some other common build system you can include it into workspace-d as alternative backend and code-d will be able to use it by just changing a few lines

Otherwise just do what the others said and add pre/postLaunchScripts

Might aswell add a custom format just for the IDE containing just the file informations or implement visualD, monoD and all those other IDE formats

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