On Saturday, 2 April 2016 at 08:00:18 UTC, Lars Johansson wrote:
Hi Kai,
I'm for the zillionth time starting to learn D. I just started with 'The D programming language' after that I will explore the possibilities to access SAP from D. A good SAP is important for my sucess with D. Will you maintain and develop the SAP interface?

Hi Lars!

Yes, I maintain and develop the SAP interface. It is my 2nd pet project after ldc. :-)

All functions from the SDK except for DecFloat16 and DecFloat34 are available and can be used like in C. As additional goody I created decorate functions which throw a SAPException instead of returning RFC_ERROR_INFO. This simplifies the logic a lot.

I really like to have more users of the SAP binding. There are still rough edges and I like to know about them...


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