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Yes, you can get new stream URLs from the JSON metadata for each video. For example, the first video is at http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/86352137, so load up http://api.ustream.tv/videos/86352137.json and look for the flv URL with the tcdn.ustream.tv domain. Copy it, remove the forward slashes before the back slashes, and paste it into VLC.

Thanks for the technique. But it does not seem to work. I extracted the following from the json, which gives me an HTTP 403 forbidden error:

Your link works for me in VLC, are you trying to download it or something? The video is dark for first five seconds, but you can hear crowd audio right away.

Oh yes it works on VLC on Android! Sorry. It does not on VLC (nor via browser) on my laptop.
Below is a UNIX command to extract the flv URL from the JSON’s.
wget -O- 2>/dev/null http://api.ustream.tv/videos/86352137.json | grep -o 'flv":"[^"]*' | cut -d\" -f3 | tr -d \\\\


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