"This will tie in later because the string types front has special behavior"

...because for string types, front has...

"For C style strings, you can use ubyte[] and call std.string.assumeUTF where necessary"

Actually, C style strings are ASCII, no? UTF8 includes ASCII. And D treats C strings as char *, not ubyte[]


D will look ahead in the string and combine things like e and U+0308 into ë

Nope :) This is a grapheme, and D does not decode these into one dchar.


"about it's inclusion"

it's -> its


"Pared with the inability to turn it off,"

Pared -> Paired


"Phobos String type would be the best option and a deprecation of the sting front function"

sting -> string

Like the article, pretty much sums up my thoughts too. IMO, the only path forward is something that aliases string to something that auto-decodes, but that is NOT a char array. Then you have to deprecate implicit access to the backing array, and make it explicit. Probably would take 2 years or so to migrate.


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