On 18/05/2016 16:54, E.S. Quinn wrote:
On Tuesday, 17 May 2016 at 14:04:04 UTC, Bruno Medeiros wrote:
New DDT release out: dfmt support, performance improvements to
semantic operations, more build command customization, fixes. Please
see changelog for full list:


Since DDT has generally been quite stable, and since the current
release is very close to the end-game vision I had for a D IDE - at
least as far as my free time would allow to create - I've decided to
version this as 1.0. I've been working for nearly 8 years on this
project after all (with some intermission periods), so I guess 1.0 was
a bit due... O.o'

I expect it will mainly be small updates from now on, not any major
new features (other than perhaps DCD support).

Is there any chance we'll be able to get an outline view in the project
explorer a la CDT?

Actually yes. (I haven't forgotten about https://github.com/DDT-IDE/DDT/issues/106 )

To be more clear what I meant is that I don't expect any major new *D-specific* features (other than perhaps DCD support). But DDT uses the same framework as the RustDT (https://github.com/RustDT/RustDT) and GoClipse (https://github.com/GoClipse/goclipse) IDEs, so I'm still planning to work on new features that work across all IDEs.

Bruno Medeiros

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