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New DDT release out: dfmt support, performance improvements to semantic operations, more build command customization, fixes. Please see changelog for full list:


Since DDT has generally been quite stable, and since the current release is very close to the end-game vision I had for a D IDE - at least as far as my free time would allow to create - I've decided to version this as 1.0. I've been working for nearly 8 years on this project after all (with some intermission periods), so I guess 1.0 was a bit due... O.o'

I expect it will mainly be small updates from now on, not any major new features (other than perhaps DCD support).

For Eclipse/DDT under Windows now you can use Mago-MI debugger for debugging of DMD/x86 generated programs.

Precompiled binaries are available in DlangIDE release bundle.

Added support for a lot of GDB/MI commands.
Compatibility with GDB fixed.
Tested with Eclipse/DDT.

You can build dmd/x86 project in Eclipse/DDT, start debugging, use breakpoints, step in/out/over, see threads, stack frames, variables. Just change Debug Configuration / Debugger setting - from GDB to mago-mi

Mago-MI thread on Announce: http://forum.dlang.org/thread/wctrsimrsfpbdkgce...@forum.dlang.org

On Debuggers:

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