On 06/13/2016 07:31 AM, Kagamin wrote:
On Friday, 10 June 2016 at 17:45:54 UTC, Nick Sabalausky wrote:
On 06/08/2016 11:04 AM, Kagamin wrote:
BTW do people find nested comments particularly useful?

God yes. It's the *only* block comment I ever use. Non-nesting comment
blocks are a worthless PITA with no real benefit: You can't comment
out a block if the block already contains a block comment.

Block comments are low-level: the commented code changes its lexical
structure completely, but you probably don't expect it and want it to
behave and be properly commented at a higher level, which is provided by
version statement.

No, I WANT commenting-out to be low-level, but just not have a stupid, useless, badly-chosen rule for when the block ends.

Version(none) is too high-level. I can't use it *within* a statement, which means I'd have to use one method to "comment-out" blocks of code and a different method when I comment out ex., params, args, or parts of an expression (all of which I occasionally do). But why would I want to do that when there's one construct (nesting block comments) that works perfectly for both AND actually gets highlighted as "disabled" in every editor and HTML highlighter out there so I can actually see at a glance what's disabled?

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