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> On Monday, 20 June 2016 at 02:46:13 UTC, Jason White wrote:
>> This actually sounds nice. Main problem that comes to my mind is that
>>> there is no cross-platform shell script. Even if it is list of plain
>>> unconditional commands there are always differences like normalized path
>>> form. Of course, one can always generate `build.d` as a shell script, but
>>> that would only work for D projects and Button is supposed to be a generic
>>> solution.
>> I'd make it so it could either produce a Bash or Batch script. Possibly
>> also a PowerShell script because error handling in Batch is awful. That
>> should cover any platform it might be needed on. Normalizing paths
>> shouldn't be a problem either.
>> This should actually be pretty easy to implement.
> Will plain sh script script also work for MacOS / BSD flavors? Committing
> just two scripts is fine but I wonder how it scales.

Bash script should work with all. I also read that Microsoft is making bash
for windows[1].


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