Auburn Sounds has released his second product fully made in D. It is intended to solve the following audio mixing problems:
- "I need to put more stereo in this track" and
- "regular panning doesn't sound that good on headphones".

On the dplug side ( rendering got optimized further, Audio Unit v2 was added and LDC became the compiler of choice for all releases. I couldn't been happier about LDC development.

On this note: if LDC ever supports iPhone and dplug implement Audio Unit v3, this might open up the iPhone market for audio effects since AU are sellable on the AppStore directly.

Unloading of shared libraries on OS X continues to be a problem though, it would be nice if it worked in 64-bit.

Last piece of news: I also started freelancing by accident (automating signaletics, in D too). So if you need a D programmer drop me an email!

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