Hello again Dland! I'm happy to finally announce the open sourcing of our Ocean base library, just it time to keep our word and make it in June ;-)


To quote the README:

Ocean is a general purpose library, compatible with both D1 and D2, with a focus on supporting the development of high-performance, real-time applications. This
focus has led to several noteworthy design choices:

* Ocean is not cross-platform. The only supported platform is Linux. * Ocean assumes a single-threaded environment. Fiber-based multi-tasking is
  favoured, internally.
* Ocean aims to minimise use of the D garbage collector. GC collect cycles can be very disruptive to real-time applications, so Ocean favours a model of
  allocating resources once then reusing them, wherever possible.

Ocean began life as an extension of Tango, some elements of which were
eventually merged into Ocean.

Please consider this as a very early release, this is why we are "branding" it as a "preview". This is basically because, despite being working on the open sourcing full steam since DConf ended, we couldn't manage to set up all the infrastructure to be able to put all our development efforts in the public repo yet. So unfortunately the main development will still happen inside Sociomantic for this first phase (we'll only synchronize releases). When this will switch finally happens will depend on how much work it would imply to build a public infrastructure (mainly for automatic testing), and honestly, what's the community reception (we understand it might not be all that tempting being a D1 project that gets automatically converted to D2, thus not very idiomatic D2 :).

Anyway, the main big step is done. You can take a look at the code, use it or steal parts of it if you find them useful (although please have a look at the licensing terms, even when all our code is Boost, there is code inherited from Tango that isn't), criticize it, and if you are really nice, fill issues and make pull requests!

Also, in the near future we plan to write a blog post explaining a bit more about what Ocean is about, we'll let you know when it's ready, but we didn't want to delay the release for it :-)

Thank you!

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