On Friday, 5 August 2016 at 22:07:11 UTC, A D dev wrote:
On Friday, 5 August 2016 at 00:09:41 UTC, Mike Parker wrote:
On Thursday, 4 August 2016 at 15:42:50 UTC, Joakim wrote:

Nice read. I must say Mike's doing a great job running the blog so far. Perhaps it's for the best I never got the D blog running back when I suggested it a couple years back, though I hope to contribute to this one soon.

Thanks, Joakim! Looking forward to that contribution. The post queue is in a bit of an uncertain state at the moment.

Can anyone who likes and uses D contribute to the blog, or is it only for, say, core D team members? and if the former, are there any kinds of posts that you are looking for or prefer?

A.D.Ruppe is not in the dlang GH organization but he's an old and notorious user. I think it's also for people who knows themselves a bit, e.g DConf speakers, people who has something to say. About that I find the last post middly interesting.

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