On Wednesday, 10 August 2016 at 10:32:24 UTC, Martin Nowak wrote:
We want better ranking of dub packages (mostly by download, but for sure also showing CI results [ยน]).

I was also thinking about integrating results from CI builds that packages do themselves. But there is some 'impedance mismatch': those CI build are done on the master branch, not on the latest release that is on code.dlang.org.

Is it already usable?

Short answer: No.

I am currently test running it on all packages against the 10 latest dmd releases (I have done 6k packages on and off since 2 days ago). But I am running into vibe.d issues/missing features. Things like not being able to use gzip with requestHttp (let alone with a RestInterfaceClient), invalid internal state with the http client pool on interrupting requests, and some other things.

Also, I am writing a PR for vibe.d to send http request to unix sockets.

How to deploy then?

For the worker it's just a docker container. But until the unix sockets PR is done you do have to setup the docker daemon to listen on the docker0 interface.

I need to test
https://github.com/dlang/druntime/pull/1602 and otherwise have to resetup my project tester for that.

I am using digger to build dmd, so adding in the pull request is trivial. I do need to adjust internals to properly handle it though.

But alas, family is coming over so don't expect anything anytime soon.

Yes, but from past experience we know that people don't look at results, if you don't make it part of PR acceptance.

So true. Then I will do PR's first.

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