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So true. Then I will do PR's first.

I finally got around implementing running dmd/druntime/phobos pull requests against all dub packages. Thank you digger, for making it so easy.

I did a run of master + druntime#1602. Then I ran a comparison with a batch from 2.071.2-b2. 108 packages had a different build result. I have no nice stats or pictures, but a quick glance over the raw data:

50 of them went from green unittests to a dmd exit code 1.
16 went from unknown build results to dmd exit code 1.
10 went from dmd exit code 255 to 1
9 of them are now green.
8 of them went from linker errors to a dmd exit code 1.
6 of then went from non-zero exit code during unittest run to a dmd exit code 1. 3 previous ran out of memory but now resulted in dmd exit code 1.

All in all I think +/- 96 package are affected. A little over 11%.

That's awesome to know!

How difficult would it be to integrate it with the dlang GitHub PR workflow?
I am just shooting an idea that popped into my head:

We already use CircleCi and Travis for the dlang repos, so if we lock the packages to a fixed version (to prevent failures caused by the package authors), we might be able create a simple file like:


We could select a subset (e.g. 50-100), s.t. the runtime doesn't get exorbitant. Following we could then do enable the checking in CircleCi with sth. similar to:

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/dlang/community-list/master/dlang-packages.master # just an example, idea is to host the file somewhere on GitHub s.t. editing it is easy
dub fetch your-fancy-tool --version="x.y.y"
dub run your-fancy-tool --config dlang-stable.packages

Of course CircleCi doesn't have the access rights to post back to the hook API, but you could send a notification to dlang-bot [1] which has the permissions or let the CI error / fail.

Otherwise you could of course look into setting up your own job queue (or hack with the code from the auto-tester [2]), which might be fun too.

[1] https://github.com/MartinNowak/dlang-bot
[2] https://github.com/braddr/d-tester

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