Tagged a new release of mysql-native: A client driver for MySQL/MariaDB written natively in D from scratch via the published protocol specs, with no dependency on the C MySQL client library. Supports either Phobos or Vide.d sockets (works with or without Vibe.d).

Despite the seemingly low version number, this library is used in real-world projects by various people and has been around (with various maintainers and contributors) since Steve Teale's original release in 2011.

In this version:
- New: #73: Integration testing via travis-ci. (@Abscissa)
- New: Started this changelog. (@Abscissa)
- Fixed: #20: Contract failure in consume!string (@Marenz)
- Fixed: #50: bindParameters example was wrong (@Abscissa)
- Fixed: #67: Fix unittest for escape (@Marenz)
- Fixed: #70: Check for errors where we expect the greeting packet (@Marenz)
- Fixed: #78: Use vibe-d sub package dependency and a more current version (@s-ludwig) - Fixed: #79: Dub fetch all vibe-d dependencies, even if there is no reason (@s-ludwig)

Full changelog:

Future direction:
Priorities need to be a published API documentation and some good docs, plus continue addressing the existing issues/PRs.

Github Homepage: https://github.com/mysql-d/mysql-native
On DUB: http://code.dlang.org/packages/mysql-native

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