My article [1] in Journal of Mathematical Sciences (Springer) will be released this October. It notes D standard library 3 times:

1. findRoot. D implementation is significantly better then 98% of others for the problem because the problem behaves like pathological. Thanks to ieeeMean
2. logmdigamma
3. logmdigammaInverse

The article is already available online [1].
Of course the source code for the article was written in D [2].

If you want to use D for Science or Machine Learning go forward with Mir project [3].

Also you can help Mir in
 - 5 second: star the project
 - 1 hour+:
- opt1: Write an article or about ndslice or mir.glas [6] (upcoming BLAS implementation in D)
     - opt2: Add small enhancement you want, see also [4]
- opt3: Include new chapter about ndslice and Mir to the Dlang Tour [7]
 - 1 day+: Became an author for a new package, see also [5].

Companies can order numerical, statistical, and data mining algorithms and services. We work with web and big data.

[1] - "On Robust Algorithm for Finding Maximum Likelihood Estimation of the Generalized Inverse Gaussian Distribution" [2] - library, which contains the source code for the article
[4] [5]

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