On Tuesday, 13 September 2016 at 12:50:02 UTC, Rory McGuire wrote:
Did you get my post about the keyboard thing?
You can test it by running dub --single filename.d

output looks like:
kp: [27, 91, 49, 59, 50, 68]
kp: [27, 91, 49, 59, 53, 68]
kp: [27, 91, 49, 59, 51, 68]
kp: [27, 91, 68]

if I press:

Single modifiers are working ok for me.
But some combinations - do not. E.g. Ctrl+Shift+Left/Up/Down - at least in Gnome terminal.

BTW: love what you are doing with dlangui. Are you a one person team?

In general, yes. But there were 24 contributors who sent pull requests. Some of them contributed a lot of PRs - e.g. g4z3r(54 commits), MyLittleRobo(20 commits).

It would be great if more developers joined dlangui. But it should become more usable and popular, to attract more people. One of stopper here is probably poor documentation.

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