On Wednesday, 14 September 2016 at 13:04:40 UTC, ketmar wrote:
in my editor i'm simply using rgb in [0..255] range, and mapping that to what terminal has. yet it is probably not the best way to make something nice looking when only 16 colors are available. heh, i should try and see how it will look like! ;-)

actually, it's not that bad, i expected much worser results.

original 256 color mode: http://ketmar.no-ip.org/img/tui/tui_c256.png and this is restricted to basic 16 colors: http://ketmar.no-ip.org/img/tui/tui_c16a.png still readable. my terminal has somewhat non-standard first 16 colors (some colors are brighter than default xterm, some are not), that's probably why background becomes so bright. but it is still readable.

and this is 16 colors with "weighted translation" (0.30*r+0.59*g+0.11*b). looks surprisingly clean: http://ketmar.no-ip.org/img/tui/tui_c16b.png

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