On Wednesday, 14 September 2016 at 05:58:51 UTC, Vadim Lopatin wrote:
Thank you!
Now dlangui terminal mode supports only 16 colors.
Some refactoring is required to support RGB colors.

in my editor i'm simply using rgb in [0..255] range, and mapping that to what terminal has. yet it is probably not the best way to make something nice looking when only 16 colors are available. heh, i should try and see how it will look like! ;-)

On Wednesday, 14 September 2016 at 06:06:51 UTC, Vadim Lopatin wrote:

at least in Gnome terminal.

maybe gnome terminal took those keys for it's own needs -- like tab switching or something. in xterm, those are usual CSI-with-modifier codes: \e[1;<mod><char>, where <mod> is 6 for ctrl+shift, and <char> is A/B/C/D for Up/Down/Right/Left respectively.

it is better to check everything in xterm -- this is still the most used terminal emulator out there. just switch it to send <esc> for alt-key instead of setting high bit. ;-)

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