Am 31.08.2016 um 10:57 schrieb Sönke Ludwig:
Main changes over 0.7.29:

  - Compiles on the latest DMD version
  - Added a new authorization framework for the web/REST interface
  - Extended the serialization framework with more hooks and traits,
    enabling the use of custom UDAs - vibe-sdlang [1] is an SDLang
    serialization module that became possible this way
  - opDispatch has been removed from Bson/Json
  - Optional support for using diet-ng [2] has been added (simply add it
    as a dependency and it will be used by render())
  - The HTTP client can now be used on Unix socket destinations
  - Added table support for the Markdown compiler

All changes:

DUB package:


Some more fixes:

Plus some regression fixes for issues that got introduced since the last alpha release (not mentioned in the change log).

The release has been rescheduled for next Thursday.

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