On 10/29/16 8:55 PM, rikki cattermole wrote:
On 30/10/2016 10:47 AM, Mergul wrote:
Application always crash when I'm using android_app.savedState.

if (state.savedState != null) {
    // We are starting with a previous saved state; restore from it.
    engine.state = *cast(saved_state*)state.savedState; //crash!

Don't compare against null using =, compare using is.

if (state.savedState !is null) {

android_app.savedState appears to be defined here:


It's a void *. So comparing against null with != is identical to !is.

There are actually cases where comparing against null with != is valid, and what you want exactly (e.g. comparing a string to null to check for empty string).

In this case, fixing the comparison is not the answer. What is happening is one of several things:

1. I don't know what type `engine` is, so if it's a pointer, then dereferencing the state member may be the culprit if engine is invalid. 2. If state is a pointer, then you could be crashing at the if statement (unlikely).
3. state or state.savedState isn't being properly initialized.
4. Something else (e.g. code generation error). Hope it's not this one.


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