On Monday, 12 December 2016 at 21:58:23 UTC, Relja Ljubobratovic wrote:
Hey guys,

We have just published another post on "Writing efficient numerical code in D", to Mir's Blog[1].

Nice :)

Some comments:
- You can make the numbers in the table more readable by adding commas? For example, 1624687 --> 1,624,687. Probably even better is to only show the most significant digits. 1624687 us --> 1.625 s for example. - Add a sentence about the benchmarking set up. " The numbers shown are the best times of 10 trials, with LDC commandline options `ldc2 -O3 -release`" Something like that. Or add it to the configuration table. - For the "convolution" example, could you elaborate on why the Mir-based implementation is so much faster than the C-like implementation? From the big table, I see that the speedup for DCV's convolution algorithms is not as large as 10x. - The "threshold" algorithm has a 19x speed up?! (I would remove "threshold" from the average improvement calculation. The numbers are already awesome, no need to oversell it!) - Overall, does this mean that DCV became more than twice as fast? How does it stack up to other vision libs after this massive speed boost?


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