On Monday, 2 January 2017 at 18:23:53 UTC, Gerald wrote:
idea what would be involved in creating a GTK widget in D as I've never tried it myself.

Yeah, I don't use GTK at all, my backend is pure code (it is an abstract class where you implement a few methods to actually do user interaction, while the terminal emulation guts are in that class) and the frontend is X11/Win32.

It'd prolly be a bit of work then to wrap up my thing with the GTK UI implementation.

However note that to get things to the point where it could actually be shipped with Terminix for use by the end user is I suspect a substantial amount of work. I don't know how feature complete your emulator is, but looking at the VTE source code as well as the source code for other emulators it's a surprisingly complicated area with a lot of edge cases.

Yes, indeed, far more complicated than you'd think! But I have actually used mine as my real world terminal emulator for about two years now, including with several complex existing programs (vim, mutt, finch, and many others) and it works well.

Feel free to ping me on IRC and we can discuss in more detail.

Yeah, we'll have to talk about it some day, the glue code would be a pain for both of us but once that's done I think our two sides could coexist well.

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