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> As I have previously announced
> (http://forum.dlang.org/post/o6fbbu$1qli$1...@digitalmars.com), I am
> stepping down from maintaining Arch Linux packages for D.
> That means there are 3 possibilities:
> - No one will adopt them and all packages will be moved to AUR
> - Some existing Trusted User decided to adopt them
> - Someone from D community decides to become Trusted User and adopts them
> First option is definitely the worst one and I don't see any enthusiasm
> regarding second option from existing TUs. Is there anyone willing to
> volunteer for the option three?
> I promise all the guidance and help in submitting TU application and
> figuring out maintenance process but there does need to be a volunteer ;)
I use arch and D every day. I'm willing to volunteer. I keep up to date
with all releases and keep multiple dmd versions. If I'm maintaining the
packages I'd use them (if I can still switch versions of dmd).

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