On Friday, 10 February 2017 at 16:37:13 UTC, Daniel Kozak wrote:

Please don't ask me to read that dreadful, dreadful website :-\

I have read the blogpost that article summarizes. My own feelings are:

* short term up-to-dateness of snapd is probably something that will
    sort itself out in good time

* the 'centralization' of the Ubuntu snap store (which serves all snap users on all distros) isn't really true, but inasmuch as it
    is a thing, it's an asset: one place of delivery for all snap
users, a bunch of automated security checking guaranteed on every upload, no burden to host one's own repository or for the user to
    need to know about multiple repos ... compare with the flatpak
website where every highlighted download is coming from a different

Basically: snaps provide an easy way to define a package that can reach a lot of developers, now, with minimal infrastructural effort required. That seems a worthwhile investment to me.

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