On 02/18/2017 11:48 AM, Seb wrote:
On Friday, 17 February 2017 at 16:07:37 UTC, Nick Sabalausky (Abscissa)
1. This is pretty awesome.

Thanks a lot :)

2. Looks like someone forgot to set a foreground text color for the
output even though the background is set to white. This makes the
output text invisible for those using eye-friendly light-on-dark systems.

I am not sure I follow. Do you use a custom color scheme or plugin that
sets the body background color to black?

Dark system color scheme, nothing mucking with website CSSes or anything. Somewhat bizarrely/irritatingly, there are certain cases (<input> and <textarea> to my knowledge, maybe others) where browsers inherit default color settings from the OS[1] instead of from a built-in browser-default CSS.

Since my OS is set up to default to (near-)white text on a (near-)black background, the browser decides "Oh, ok, I'll use white text on a black background for inputs and textareas." But then the site's CSS tells it to use a white background. And says nothing about text color. Browser says: "Ok! So, white text (system textbox default) on a white background (website CSS)!!"

[1] Browsers taking theme defaults from the OS was appropriate behavior back in HTML1 when the whole web was actually designed from the ground-up to automatically adapt to the machine being used. But not so much now that every site/page in the world uses its own theme and formatting system[2], and even the browser's own default css *mostly* (with, of course, these broken exceptions) separates itself from the OS, leaving occasionally broken readability.

[2] The site-chosen formatting system occasionally being one that attempts to partially adapt to the local machine, to varying degrees of success. Thanks, legacy of HTML2/4!

Did I mention I hate web browsers? ;)

What exactly would be the best way for you to resolve your problem?
Maybe you can even submit a PR yourself? - the CSS is here:


I'm working out building the site locally right now so I can test (building it seems to be taking awhile), but:

Looks like the site is mostly using #333 for text color. You could just toss in "color: #333;" right next to "background: white;" for the d_code_output sections (might not matter for the div version, but wouldn't hurt either.) That should work.

Or it might be better to just toss this in around the top of the CSS:

input, textarea {
    background-color: white;
    color: #333;

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