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Fresh from the D Foundation HQ, the DConf 2017 schedule [1] is now
available for your perusal. If you haven't registered yet, you have
just over five weeks to get it done. The registration deadline has
been set for April 23, so don't procrastinate. Even better, head
over to the registration page [2] and do it now!

[1] http://dconf.org/2017/schedule/
[2] http://dconf.org/2017/registration.html

Killer lineup, makes me wish I was going, is it on reddit?

I haven't seen it there yet. someone should definitely put it there.

Submitted to Reddit :

Thanks, it's too bad that someone had to link to the ustream of Scott's
last talk in the comments, because both the official links here don't work:


Damn, I just watched it on YouTube a few days ago and now the whole account is gone. What happened?

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