On 04/07/2017 05:44 PM, Walter Bright wrote:

2. It's on all of the "Accepted OSS Licenses" lists that major corps have
because of Boost itself being used in those companies. If your license
isn't on
the list, your project isn't being used.

Yup. We figured every corporation that uses C++ has accepted Boost, so
this would be a no-brainer for them to accept D's license.

Anyone "in the know" have a any "inside scoop" regarding the such organization's perspective on the "zlib/libpng" license? I tend to favor it for my own OSS projects, since it's (in my perspective) at least as liberal as Boost, but very, very, ultra-easy to read/understand even for an everyday layman. But I would love to hear from anyone with more in-the-trenches experience how realistic that really plays out in the "real world".

I wonder if maybe it would be worth my while to dual-license my OSS dlang projects under both Boost and zlib/libpng. Anyone with real-world expertise in the area have any ("number five alive!") eeeenput?

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