Hi Ali,

The book is great ( got it recently ) but there are some things that may make be better.

I found the book a bit unwieldy ( hardcover ) version. With its 700+ pages, its kind of hard to take anywhere. When i take it to work and back home, its like carrying a brick with me :)

Another issue that i noticed is that the current format makes it impossible to extend the book. For example, 87 in memory management the experimental unsafe memory management is not written about. But if you want to make follow up chapters, it requires people to rebuy the
newer book.

Is it maybe not better to split the book into several more smaller versions? Making it more easy to carry or extend? Like Basic 1, Advanced 2, ...

And a last one: coloring... My vision is not exactly the best and i noticed that colored code is much more easy to read in books. If there the possibility for a colored ( more expensive ) version in the future?

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