On 05/29/2017 03:06 PM, Wulfklaue wrote:

> The book is great ( got it recently ) but there are some things that may
> make be better.

Thank you for your feedback. :)

> 87 in memory management the
> experimental unsafe memory management is not written about.

Yes, there are things I would like to add (and change) but it's not clear whether I will ever be in a state of mind to carry on with such a task. It felt very natural while it lasted. I'm not sure anymore.

> But if you
> want to make follow up chapters, it requires people to rebuy the
> newer book.

Yes and no, because all the material would always be available anyway.

> Is it maybe not better to split the book into several more smaller
> versions? Making it more easy to carry or extend? Like Basic 1, Advanced
> 2, ...

Makes sense and others had suggested that as well. One complication would be different cover design for each book. (Even if not the general concept, the book cover image is for that specific number of pages (with some leeway)).

> And a last one: coloring... My vision is not exactly the best and i
> noticed that colored code is much more easy to read in books. If there
> the possibility for a colored ( more expensive ) version in the future?

There was no option of color printing when I considered printers (or perhaps it was too expensive to even consider; I don't remember). However, if you can live with the pdf version of the book, the code samples are in color:


It's the same content and format as the printed book, except it is generated from a different CSS file.


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