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> I've been meaning to get this done for weeks but have had a 
> severe case of writer's block. The fact that I had no other posts 
> ready to go this week and no time to write anything at all 
> motivated me to make time for it and get it done anyway. My wife 
> didn't complain when I told her I had to abandon our regular 
> bedtime Netflix time block (though she did extract a concession 
> that I have no vote in the next series we watch). Thanks to 
> Vladimir, Guillaume, and Steve, for their great feedback on such 
> short notice. Their assistance kept the blog from going quiet 
> this week.
> The blog:
> Reddit:

Nice blog post!

> Let’s imagine a hypothetical programmer named J.P. who, for reasons
> he considers valid, has decided he would like to avoid garbage
> collection completely in his D program. He has two immediate options.

I think I might know that hypothetical programmer ;-)

-- Johannes

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