On Saturday, 17 June 2017 at 16:59:56 UTC, Dukc wrote:
If that Walter's DIP about reference-counted exceptions gets trough it should ease problem like that quite a bit.

Possibly. There's a lot of solutions to the exception thing though, and it doesn't actually bother me if you see @nogc as being very niche because you can just use one of those solutions today. (most of them depend simply on the catching code calling some disposal function, or living with a (possibly temporary) leak. Aside from that, the *most* you have to do is just `throw make!Exception` instead of `throw new Exception` and problem solved).

Didn't Don Clugston say about something at some Dconf that it must trigger allocation "not hardly ever, NEVER"? So there's a real need even for the rigid @nogc, albeit a niche one.

Yes, there are a few cases for it, but most people on reddit aren't one of them.

It reminds me of the "web scale" thing. "but can this handle 1 million hits per second?" Probably not, but you also almost certainly going to need to... and if you do, the company will surely have the budget to hire a whole team of full time people to develop some specialized solution to their problem.

The D language should certainly never get in the way of those specialized solutions, whether scaling, or low latency audio/bidding, or whatever else, but I'm not convinced it needs to support them all out of the box either - and the average D user (or web developer in general) certainly doesn't have to worry.

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