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In particular, it doesn't seem to do code hoisting, as least
not for this case,
It does not in this case because:


is actually:


i.e. a read through a pointer. Inside the loop, there is also:

    data[i * 10] = ...

which is an assignment through a pointer. The assignment through the pointer makes a read through a pointer not loop invariant. It's only possible to pull out the assignment to j if loop unrolling is done, which as I said is not done by DMD.

Loop invariant removal (aka code hoisting) *is* done in the optimizer.


> There are two calls to _d_arrayboundsp inside the loop body, along with branches around them. This seems needless, since one bounds check ought to be enough to ensure the array lookups are within bounds. Also, there are 2 branches within the loop body (not counting the end-of-loop branch), whereas it could have been simplified to one (less branch hazards on the CPU pipeline).

Yes, that's true, I'm not sure why that isn't happening. It should be.

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