On Friday, 7 July 2017 at 11:09:27 UTC, Temtaime wrote:
DMD is a piece of shit, and adding another one ARM backend with all those bugs and low performance instead of improving ldc is wasting efforts.
The only use of dmd is development because of compilation speed.
But some persons have "cerveau lent" and just cannot realise it.

A few things you should be aware before you trash the reference compiler for D:

- Most of DMD's frontend and the part of the backend is in D. This means better productivity in the long run, especially once the whole of the backend is ported to D. - Well, it's the reference compiler. I understand that you would like to see many of the devs on DMD to move towards LDC instead. I myself like some healthy competition. - The performance issues can be fixed in the long run. I myself thinking on fixing some of the issues of DMD, like the SIMD support (might end up in issuing a DIP for better support the hardware functions).

I think first I might learn how the current codegen works, issue some improvements, as learning how the arm architecture works is a hard work, I don't even know what to do with condition codes (ignore them completely, or use them in certain situations to save a few conditional jump?), thumb (yet another attribute to force the compiler to use thumb for the part of the code?), etc. I'll recycle some of the preexisting code which was made by another user.

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