After a long journey - it took over eight months - the new core package is finally ready. Along with it, version 0.8.0 of vibe.d is released. This marks a major milestone in vibe.d's development.

Apart from offering support for using the new core package, 0.8.0 now also employs @safe and nothrow where possible, making it possible to write fully @safe vibe.d applications. And of course, as always, there is also a long list of other improvements and bug fixes.

The core package can be considered as a complete rewrite of the original vibe-d:core package, retaining a mostly backwards compatible API from a library user's point of view. Lots of changes went into modernizing the code and removing inherent performance limits of the previous design*.

See the dedicated blog post for a basic explanation of the changes:

The change log for vibe.d 0.8.0 is listed here:

Finally, to make use of the vibe-core module, which is highly recommended outside of critical production systems, you'll have to manually enable it in the package recipe of your project:

- dub.sdl:
    dependency "vibe-d:core" version="~>0.8.0"
    subConfiguration "vibe-d:core" "vibe-core"

- dub.json:
        "dependencies" : {
            "vibe-d:core": "~>0.8.0"
        "subConfigurations": {
            "vibe-d:core": "vibe-core"

DUB packages:

* Note that no dedicated performance tuning has been done yet, so performance levels are expected to still be on a similar level.

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