On Sunday, 21 January 2018 at 18:03:41 UTC, Andrzej Kilijański wrote:

I was working on my first dlang/dlangui app and dlangui itself (as contributor and3md) for the last ten months. Currently first version of my software is up:) It's simple project management tool. Anyone can check how dlangui can look like and the state of the project by checking it:


I created my own theme, special for my app. I think dlangui is pretty usable. Last year many bugs was fixed. There is a lot of work to do but all basic stuff just work.

Working with dlang is very pleasure. I love D way of holding string encoding. I come to D from Pascal/Delphi world and I think D is first language that can be Pascal killer (fast compilation, fast native code, more readable, and don't have circular reference problem). We (dlang/dlangui) only need more success stories.

DlangUI can be found here:

Nice work.


1/ There's an obvious issue with drag and drop. You should store the position of the mouse (in Delphi it would be during the "OnMouseDown" event) and subtract it while moving. The little jump is a bit annoying i think.

2/ For some reason, DPI detection was wrong for me. It started with 304 (pretty big !) instead of 96.

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