On Wednesday, 31 January 2018 at 15:58:02 UTC, Atila Neves wrote:
On Thursday, 25 January 2018 at 20:11:54 UTC, Rainer Schuetze wrote:

On 25.01.2018 14:54, Atila Neves wrote:

Visual Studio is supposed to be detected by dmd now, either from the environment or from the registry.

What errors do you get? Try running with -v to show the linker command line.

$ dub init
$ dub build --arch=x86_64
Performing "debug" build using C:\D\dmd2\windows\bin\dmd.exe for x86_64.
example ~master: building configuration "application"...
LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file 'shell32.lib'

-v shows that it's linking like so:

C:\D\dmd2\windows\bin\dmd.exe -of.dub\build\application-debug-windows-x86_64-dmd_2078-70A25404824ECE07D24A9F4D03E746CD\example.exe .dub\build\application-debug-windows-x86_64-dmd_2078-70A25404824ECE07D24A9F4D03E746CD\example.obj -m64 -g

Should I file a bug for dmd or the installer? Are 64-bit dub builds not done by CI on Windows? This is pretty embarassing.


By any chance, is this on a corperate machine? I've hit the same issue seems to do with enforced windows group-policy which disables registry access for certain type of applications at my place.

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