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The main use-case for craming multiple imports into a line is not libraries but scripting, examples, and maybe unit tests.

Those are cases when selective imports shouldn't be used. experimental.scripting was introduced to reduce import length to absolute minimum - 11 characters.

That's your opinion, my opinion is that importing 6 symbols from 6 different modules for a tiny cli tool sucks and bloats code example. So the alternative is to not use selective imports, but only those and static imports have a clear path to become lazy (https://issues.dlang.org/show_bug.cgi?id=13255).

Are renamed imports already lazy?
Tiny cli tool uses all its imports and doesn't benefit from laziness, only libraries do.

- use std.experimental.scripting

Indeed an alternative with a similar goal, reducing the amount of typing/noise for hacking. Importing all phobos modules will lead to a couple of symbol conflicts (e.g. write),

It's perfectly thinkable to use both `write` functions, and selective imports won't help you there, but renamed imports will. Is it just me or people ignore existence of renamed imports? #RenamedImportsMatter

and it still increases compile times and binary sizes noteably (though compile time is a lot better than it used to be).

Is it because of dead templates? As a temporary solution you can compile the code to a library, this way the linker will be able to skip unreferenced code.

- why hasn't this been a DIP

Because it looked primarily like a minor grammar rectification that doesn't break anything and is entirely optional. Also DIPs are a crucial process for our language, and it seems problematic to clog it with trivialities.

Though the feature met skepticism from the start. Maybe voting can be used as a simplified DIP process, just needs more people.

- it's useful for talks, posts, code puzzles or on a repl where code is size constrained

Non-selective always win in terms of size.

- we're currently proliferating selective imports which cause a lot of D code to become very brittle (https://github.com/andralex/phobos/blob/cd3152c7bf4466e74b7fb9bd43d47e996caf5918/std/datetime/systime.d#L10076-L10083)

I'd convert those to non-selective imports.
import std.algorithm.iteration, std.ascii, std.exception, std.format, std.meta, std.range, std.stdio, std.string;
(well, my editor has decent word wrapping)

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