On Saturday, 3 March 2018 at 02:12:52 UTC, Martin Nowak wrote:
A central doc provider could have some benefit, e.g. searching across different libraries.

Yeah, I have code for that written for select libraries already (on the main dpldocs.info site), but haven't opened it up to the full dub repo yet... I should be able to though, especially if I spring for the next tier of VPS.

Check this out: https://dpldocs.info/isSomeString

full-text search over a select group of packages (notably including Phobos) with a pretty fast response... just it eats ~1.5 GB to keep two copies of its database in memory in order to give those fast responses concurrently. The instance I have opened up to dub has a 1 GB limit right now...

But if the patreon thing takes off, I can afford to throw more memory at it, and/or I could prolly optimize that search database too, so it will come.


Yeah, that's not a bad solution, though what's nice about my solution is the author doesn't actually have to do anything... the user just goes to the docs and they appear!

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