On Tuesday, 6 March 2018 at 15:44:14 UTC, Martin Tschierschke wrote:
On Sunday, 4 March 2018 at 22:37:21 UTC, kinke wrote:
Hi everyone,

on behalf of the LDC team, I'm glad to announce LDC 1.8. The highlights of this version in a nutshell:

* Based on D 2.078.3.
* New switch `-link-defaultlib-shared` to link against shared druntime/Phobos.
* Plugins support, compatible with existing Clang plugins.
* Support for LLVM IR-based PGO as alternative to existing (AST-based) PGO.
* Basic support for LLVM XRay instrumentation.

Full release log and downloads: https://github.com/ldc-developers/ldc/releases/tag/v1.8.0

Thanks to all contributors!

Cool! Thank you!

Says, that 64 Bit Android version is not ready yet, anything about this? It is not really necessary for me, but would be cool, because unfortunately I have a 64 bit Android phone.

Nothing new, unfortunately, though you can follow progress here:


I plan to spend some time on it, but have been putting it off.

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