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This whole idea came about because a couple of years ago I was in a team that was responsible for legacy code written in C which had no tests. To write tests, we needed both to write the tests themselves and some fakes/mocks/doubles for the code that we depended on - essentially a whole operating system. I wasn't going to write that in C, since life is too short for that.


Speaking of dstep - it has greatly improved over the last years.
I'm interested what stop you from using it or improving it (instead of rolling your own tool)?

I tried using dstep as the translation engine to avoid reinventing the wheel. I'm lazy, I don't want to write code that doesn't neeed to be written!

Unfortunately, dstep makes assumptions that are valid for it's trying to do that aren't for what I am, and ultimately made it very hard. The refactoring that would be needed would have been more work than doing it from scratch, so I sighed, cracked my knuckles, and wrote a bunch of code I didn't really want to.

I did copy the part of its test suite that was applicable though.

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