On Friday, 6 April 2018 at 12:26:36 UTC, Mike Parker wrote:
Congratulations to Zach Tollen and everyone who worked on DIP 1009. It took a painful amount of time to get it through the process, but it had finally come out of the other side with an approval. The proposal itself was approved early on, but it needed quite a bit of revision to get to an acceptable final draft. The DIP in its final form:


What would have made contract trully powerful for me is them being emitted at caller side. This way if I use a release build of library but debugging my app I still get my stupidity guarded by contracts of the API. *

Now *that* would be marvelous. Otherwise having a debug build for each of libraries just to check my precondition is too much of drag I’d say. After all libraries are typically stable code that are (presumably) debugged and you want them to be fast.

* Templates kind of muddy the waters being conpiled with the flags of caller (another reason why they are a mess). Meaning they will work with contracts if caller choses to have debug build.

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